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This is a big thank you post! =) Thanks suzaku009 and rydi1689 for suggesting and featuring me for the DD, and everyone for dropping by, fav-ing, leaving a comment(or a llama) and even +watching. It means a lot to me.

A little background info on the piece that was featured. This was actually an assignment for a class, but we were allowed to use existing characters. I wanted to do something that had a touch of fantasy so I decided on Hugo and Fubar from Suikoden III(my favourite Suikoden). I did a few sketches of them fighting monsters in the air, but in the end I went with something that focused more on their bond with each other. I really liked how Hugo-on-Fubar was so powerful in the game, and all the little scenes from the manga with them fishing and playing in the water just gave me a happy feeling. So I tried to go for that. I couldn't do realistic foliage though, and the perspective and depth-of-field is kind of stiff. Looking back at this, I still see a lot of things that can be improved upon, but I'm glad that so many of you are able to enjoy it.

Whoops, didn't mean to type an essay! Might I also take the chance to recommend Suikoden III to all you gamers out there! A lot of die-hard fans bashed it from being radically different from I and II, but I liked it the most. If you can't play the game, the manga by Shimizu Aki is equally good! I'm glad they got her to do the manga, she did an amazing job.

Oh, and lastly I'll also do some PR for my Livestream channel. I've only did a few streams since I created it, but you guys are welcome to pop by and hang out. Warning: nerdy soundtracks, sometimes loud(thank Rockman for that).

I'm really sorry I haven't progressed much with commissions as of late, but I will get around to completing them towards the end of May. I'm very occupied with preparing my final project for uni at the moment, please understand!

Prices(all prices USD)
CG bust shot of one character: $10
Fullbody CG of one character: $20

What to expect: CG style of…

Available slots(more will be added if needed):
1. emreven(paid) COMPLETE
2. emreven(paid) COMPLETE
3. emreven(paid)
4. emreven(paid)
6. Rowein (paid) COMPLETE
7. fufuberrysoda
8. RosesAndThorns
9. RosesAndThorns
10. winterelf86


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